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My passion. Every day can be in another corner of the world . I can also travel time . Zero restriction . I INVITE YOU
Our cook chief

Tomasz Wiazowski

Let’sknow our history

A special place with tradition
Teatralna begins its activity in the 60’s. At that time, it was running as the coffeehouse.
Nowadays it’s the restaurant.
Coffee, Radomianka cake, piano – the past’s signs still accompany us in spite of passing 50 years.
Four chambers, two entresols, spacious children place, summer beer garden…. we put a lot of effort you feel like home.
Each chamber has its own style: oriental, classical, modern…It is up to you which type of style you choose. Today, sitting on sofa you can feel hotness from fireplace. Tomorrow you are cooled by concrete wall and your fingers can feel lampy table. You can see rar bricks, iron and wooden details, soft pillows, chair covers, patterns….things which combine with themselvs create unforgettable scenery.





We invite you to our photo gallery.
Here you can find a lot of historic pictures from our beginnings, our dishes and pictures from important for our restaurant events.